Prague and Beyond
Provids tourism-related services for individuals and whole sellers

Prague and Beyond is A young dynamic DMC that is located in Prague, Czech Republic, with More than 15 years in the tourism business in Czech Republic and central Europe. Prague and Beyond (P&B) s.r.o. is aims to provide tourism-related services in the Czech Republic and central Europe, for individuals and whole sellers.

Prague and Beyond is obligated for fast, full and reliable service, and is obligated in giving you the best rates and finding you the best offers.

Prague and Beyond can offer solutions for any service required, regardless the size of your group. from small expeditions to large venues.

Prague and Beyond can provide you anything from accommodation, certified guides in almost any language, Coaches and other means of transportation, Restaurants, shows and events.


Prague and Beyond provides services in all tourism-related mainly, Incoming, Leisure,Sports, accommodations, Transportation

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SIC Tours

Prague and Beyond can offer you standard tours for your FIT or tailored for groups. For the FIT, we can offer you variety of tours

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About Prague

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. The historic center of Prague has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

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